ScienceVisuals is the technical and artistic laboratory of Dr. Pablo de Heras Ciechomski, founded in 2006 in Lausanne Switzerland. ScienceVisuals' aim is to explore and understand scientific processes using real-time interactive software and artwork. By allowing the interplay of objective and subjective interpretation of data; using mathematical and logical language paired with an intuitive and playful feedback loop, I aim to place the human at the center between aesthetics and reason, unconscious and conscious to accelerate the exploration and innovation process of a subject matter.

This necessitates innovations in real-time Big Data : analytics, interaction and visualisation. Based on these requirements I have researched, designed and implemented three large scale software engines: GabrielStudio - a rasterisation rendering system for Big Data based on OpenGL GPU hardware acceleration, BioInspire - a ray tracer and simulator based on CPU accelerated multi-core programming and lately TinyTrace - an Actor Model design driven, live coding CPU ray tracer and live internet broadcast system for in-situ Big Data exploration.

I am always interested in new and interesting ways of helping collaborations around scientific discovery and how to improve it through playful interaction and communication.